My Thai Roommate

This is my roommate! She is not really a ‘room-mate’ but we live in the same building with adjacent rooms, so just as well. Her nickname is Yao. She is from Phayao. She has taught herself to speak English and so we are able to communicate and have simple to moderate conversations. She has an Italian husband, but they are taking some time apart right now. She is always smiling, enjoying life, saying that life is not only: work, work, work, money, money, money, but we must have fun!!

She sells snacks, salad, coffee, etc. in a small stand by the Abbot’s quarters and the mini-zoo; yep, we have a mini-zoo! She makes a very good ‘papaya salad’ or Sam Tam a very popular dish in Thailand. Spicy!! She waters the plants whenever she can and she is always bringing food for the moo (pig) at the zoo. I think it is because she was born in the year of the ‘pig’.

Yao's Coffee and Salad Stand

She has been teaching me a lot of Thai but it has not been ease since they are all vocabulary words with nothing to tie them to in a sentence but I am definitely learning.

She laughs at ‘Marcy’ because ‘Marcy’ forgets everything! and I mean it, so she looks at me and says: maybe one day you will forget Yao also! Don’t think so! It is hilarious because as I am learning a new word and she does not see me writing it she would say, great pronunciation, good good….but tomorrow you will forget!!! Lol….which is true. Buy I try!

She always honors Buddha and the King V whom she loves. Every morning she makes fresh tea for her altar and one glass of water for each day of the week.

I took her to the fish pond the other day and she could not get over the fact that the ‘farang’ had showed her a new place in her own country instead of being the other way around.

She plays the lottery and is convinced that once she wins we will travel together somewhere. I really hope she wins one day, she deserves it!


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