After working hard… to Mindfulness Retreat!

Hi, I have been so busy and excited about the new English Curriculum for volunteers, and teaching English that I have set aside my blog! But not any more….I am going to a Mindfulness-Meditation-Retreat for 8 days and 7 nights, and when I come back I will get to it…..!!

I have done other retreats similar to this one, but something tells me this is going to be very different. I leave tomorrow morning at 9:30am and I’ll be back on May 19, not sure what time. We are required to dress in white clothes through out the 8 days. Since I do not have that many whites clothes, they will provide me with some. How nice is that!? The only thing they asked me to do was to follow the instructions of the meditation teacher even if I doubted the logic: you will later see for yourself. And so I shall.

I met Jui, who will be my translator. The instructions and Dharma talks are done in Thai, so she will be helping me with the translations. I have also met Ann, Pa Kja, Joe and Ment. They are all facilitators and are there to help and take care of all the meditators. This will be a small group of 14, which makes it more interesting and personal.

I am a little nervous, just like any ‘new brain challenge’ in this neuropathy path, but I am confident it will all work out.

I shall be posting on the blog more regularly when I return.

For now….here are a few pictures of what I have been working on: Volunteers Bulletin Board, Action Words Bulletin Board, and custom made English Curriculum for the Buddhist Secondary School here in Doi Saket…The Curriculum is not quite finished yet, but is getting there.


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