Teaching Abroad – Introduction from Marcia

I wrote this for Atma Seva….and wanted to share it here also! Teaching can be fun!


The ATMA SEVA team has decided to include a NEW section on our blog, ‘Teaching Abroad’, which will include stories of teaching experiences from ESL/EFL Certified Teachers, present, past and future ATMA SEVA volunteers’ and interns’ as well as;

  • Suggestions to make teaching fun and interesting
  • Tips for class management
  • ESL Games, Ideas and Activities that can or have worked in the classroom
  • Funny and unique classroom experiences
  • Online resources
  • English camp ideas and reflections
  • Interesting websites about teaching
  • And so much more!

Without further ado, this will be our first entry and it is my turn:

My name is Marcia and I am an ESL/EFL Certified Teacher whose first language is not English, but Spanish; however, the English language somehow feels more natural to me –I read and write in English more than I do in Spanish, to the dismay of many of my Spanish speaking friends. Given that…

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2 thoughts on “Teaching Abroad – Introduction from Marcia

  1. Hi Marcia, I enjoyed your blog.
    I am new to meditation and yoga yet keen to try the experience as part of my journey. Would know of a facility that offer 5 day retreats for someone inexperienced like me?
    Be well.

    • Hi Sean, thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comment.
      I think I might…but where are you intereseted on doing a meditation course? Thailand, USA…?
      Be well,

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