The beginning


4 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. Always a teacher, always the smile…..You have been a remarkable example, friend, confidant, and you have touched many people in a profound way and continue to do so every single day…Those of us that have been touched by you have been blessed!

  2. I was just a small girl when you were my teacher. I am still a small girl in all that my spirit seeks to learn, and you are an extraordinary light!
    Thank you Marcia for sharing what is most precious to us, the joy and hardships of our lives.

    • My very first generation of 5th. graders hold a special place in my heart and will forever remain ‘my little girls’. I still remember the very first day when I stood up in front of all of you and was terrified thinking: “Oh my, these girls will be my responsibility for the next year….what do I do now?….what good is it to me all of what I learned in Teacher’s College?…Santa Cachucha de la pata mocha!!!” =)
      Remember that your spirit is already extraordinary…you just have to open your eyes and let it shine!

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